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ICIARA software modules enable organizations to manage complaints proactively, collaboratively, and promptly to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Complaint Collection and Reporting module

  • Report a complaint anonymously or confidentially
  • Provide partial or full details, evidence, and other information
  • Opt-in reporting for investigative purposes only
  • Receive a comprehensive complaint report

Complaint Investigation and Tracking​ Module

The investigation process is transparent, independent,  and collaborative and ensures that the complaints are addressed in a responsible and fair manner.

  • Case manager is assigned to initiate the investigation
  • Evidence, witnesses, and other details are verified or invalidated
  • An Investigation Report is delivered to all stakeholders

Complaint Severity and Liability Assessment Module

SLR, Severity and Liability Rating, is an immediate and early detection system that assesses the potential risk and liability to help organizations resolve complaints right from the onset, and tremendously reduce liability.

  • Assess immediately the severity of the complaint
  • Indicate the potential liability
  • SLR rating helps triage the complaint
ICIARA Technology

Complaint Resolution and Monitoring ​Module

  • Resolution Plan is initiated
  • The ARC method is used to Accept, Reject, or Change the resolution plan
  • Resolution is achieved after all stakeholders accept the plan

Personalized Restorative Action Plan

Upon acceptance of a satisfactory resolution, a personalized restorative plan is generated for each person, including victims and offenders. The plan includes:

  • Training, Coaching and Counseling
  • Legal Mediation
  • Tools and techniques for correcting offending behavior
  • Certificate of Completion
ICIARA Technology

Administrator Complaint Management Dashboard

All complainants are granted access to the complaint and are able  to track and monitor the status of the complaint with a unique ID

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