Transparent and Comprehensive Restorative Action Plans

Integrated Services

Technology alone cannot resolve complaints or change organizational culture !

ICIARA Services offer a consistent, unbiased and collaborative process to resolve complaints, provide counseling and support services for victims and offenders. We have dedicated experts and professionals to solve complaints with ease, and restore trust and confidence.

Case Management

A Case Manager is assigned to centralize the process and ensure that proper guidelines are being followed

Coaching & Counseling

Coaches and Counselors are assigned to resolve low to medium severity complaints promptly and achieve satisfactorily resolution

Legal and Mediation

Mediators and Attorneys are engaged in cases where the complaint severity is high, to promptly mitigate liability and achieve satisfactory settlement

Education and Training

Education and Training is customized to meet the needs of each organization, to ensure everyone understands their responsibility to correct misconduct and prevent abuse

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