ACT Responsibly

ICIARA is an integrated and innovative solution of software and services to ensure that every stakeholder in the organization acts responsibly to resolve complaints constructively and satisfactory manner. We encourage to report discomfort to prevent misconduct.


ICIARA software modules enable organizations to manage complaints proactively, collaboratively, and promptly to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Safe Complaint Collection and Reporting

Unbiased Complaint Investigation and Tracking

AI-Driven Complaint Severity and Liability Rating

Collaborative and Transparent Complaint Resolution

Administrator Complaint Management Dashboard

ICIARA integrates technology and services to change organizational culture!

“Technology isn’t the biggest challenge …Culture is…”

Harvard Business Review July 2019

Services with Impact on ACT Responsibly

  • Education, Training, & Development

    ICIARA develops and delivers diverse leadership workshops customized to organizational needs

  • Case Management

    ICIARA highly trained experts follow a modulated, consistent, unbiased process to resolve complaints fairly, promptly, and collaboratively.

  • Coaching and Counseling

    ICIARA provide coaching, counseling, and support services to restore trust, confidence, and respectful relationship.


Change Organizational Culture to Restore Trust!

Increase Accountability

by proactively reporting and promptly resolving complaints

Increase Productivity

by resolving complaints collaboratively and satisfactorily

Increase Profitability

by reducing abuse, misconduct, and liability

Safe Environment

by adhering to organizational policies and guidelines

We Protect Our Customers

Corporations, schools, universities, churches, government agencies, and other organizations are being overwhelmed by the lack of oversight and compliance in properly addressing harassment, bullying, and other misconduct.

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