The  E’s Method Method Workshop

It’s All About the Team
Together Each Achieves More

The E's Elements to TEAM Collaboration

The E’s method workshop is a facilitated workshop centered on achieving team goals through group collaboration. Each team members  develops tools to balance their personal needs with organizational objectives and collective goals.


Establish a safe environment for open and honest interactions.


Explore objectives, needs, and expectations


Engage in brainstorming solutions


Evaluate risks and rewards


Extract a personalized action plan


Equip team members with practical tools and techniques.


Exchange resources and support systems


Empower team members to take ownership

“So everyone you meet has a certain level of insecurity.  The level of insecurity that you have is strength, not a weakness. The question is how are you going to use it?  The ability to have open and honest conversations…about the fears you have, and the opportunities, is the balance that someone needs to succeed.“

New York Time Interview with Howard Schultz, October 10, 2010

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