ICIARA Behind the Name

What is ICIARA?

ICIARA is an acronym for

“Independent Complaint Investigative Assessment Resolution Application.”

A few years ago, we realized that the process of filing abuse complaints within organizations was both confusing and challenging. Transparency is often lacking. Stakeholders maintain their own bias at the cost of the investigation. Most importantly, conflict resolution processes often fail to yield amicable and fruitful closures. With ICIARA, you can avoid these hassles. Keeping all stakeholders in mind, we take your abuse complaint case from beginning to end with the help of powerful AI technology and knowledgeable conflict resolution experts. With ICIARA, conflict resolution is a collaborative and shared responsibility! 


What Makes ICIARA Safe, Constructive, and Restorative?


We are Independent. Many complaint processes go through institutional leadership or HR personnel, which raises the potential of bias or discretionary judgment being introduced. With ICIARA, the process is objective and unbiased. You skip the possibility of a compromised investigation and receive transparency instead. All stakeholders are factored in and treated fairly.

Complaint Reporting Module

We are a Reporting Application. Using our Reporting Application, you fill out the details of your complaint. You decide whether you want to do it anonymously or confidentially, and you provide details to the best of your ability. From there, we determine the severity of the complaint and create a personalized action plan for the victim(s), offender(s), and other stakeholders involved.

Investigation Module

We provide a Complaint Investigation Assessment. All of the inputs pulled from the complaint application are run through our AI-based algorithm, and we assign a Severity and Liability Rating (SLR). The SLR paves the way for a complaint to be resolved efficiently and without bias. Using the information provided in the Reporting Application, we verify or invalidate details and deliver an Investigative Report to all stakeholders involved.


We couple the technology-driven modules with training and education to push forth a message of shared responsibility and collaborative resolution. Our goal is to expose the root of the problem and stop issues at their source. This in-depth investigation saves your organization both time and money and also protects your employees and reputation. 


Through synthesizing these various facets, we have created a process that ensures a beneficial outcome for every stakeholder. By using this responsibility-oriented approach, we help prevent abuse and misconduct, and thus successfully protect people, organizations, and society.


AI Algorithm driven application to ensure objective, fair, and just due process with matrix to measure the root-cause of the issues and plan for remedies to prevent abuse and improve the environment.

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